Monday, September 7, 2009

NEW York

While my friends were at work, I played. And generally ran myself ragged walking, busing, and riding the rails all over Manhattan.

For New Yorkers it was hot, but not hot as hell. For me, it was blazing hip-hop R&B a little too loud at 80+ degrees Fahrenheit, and humid. I'm glad it didn't rain and wasn't 90F or hotter, but damn. I could have showered five times a day and still felt funky.

Even though it was blazing bullets, I still wanted to be out-and-about outside. So much so that I didn't even hit any of the many museums that I'd planned on visiting. That said, I did make a point to visit many a museum store.

Other than a few minor purchases at museum shops, I didn't buy much. A few pairs of fun $5 earrings (talk about a cheap thrill) and a cute little etching of the classic "I ♥ New York" sentiment scrawled on a t-shirt by an artist selling her limited edition prints on the street near the Museum of Modern Art. That and a bunch of swim gear; I want to join a masters swim team and had been having the darnedest time finding a brick-and-mortar sporting goods store at home. I rightly figured that if I could find a Speedo retailer anywhere, it'd be Manhattan. Praise the lord people still shop the old-fashioned way - in person - there.

Did I mention that it was hot? Had I not had my camera gear to worry about, I would have ditched my bag and ran a lap, too.

Once upon a time I was accepted to NYU and Columbia, went for a visit, and ultimately declined their generous offers. Occasionally I wonder if I made a mistake in choosing UCLA, but on each of my handful of visits to New York since I regret nothing anew. While New York is a vibrant and exciting city to be sure, I am not a traditional big city girl (yeah, L.A. is a big city, but it's very different in big city feel and layout from a Manhattan). Visits to the Big Apple are fantastic (especially when you have good friends there to visit), but I think living there would be too much for crunchy California me. That said, you couldn't pay me to live in Los Angeles again, but if you paid me enough you just might be able to coax me into the luxe life in New York. It'd have to be a really pretty penny though and I just don't see that ever happening. Good thing making mountains of money and living in New York isn't a priority in my life.

I don't do double-decker tour busing. But maybe I should reconsider. I bet people snap some pretty sweet photos from up there.

I meant to see a show, but it never came to pass. Next time.

This is the kind of pretty penny Big Apple posh that a girl could get used to. Looks like Paris, but without all the bloody bureaucracy. Delicious living, if you can afford it.

My favorite aspect of New York is by far the mix of old and new architecture. I love the majestic Old World look and feel of the city, but I'm also strangely taken with the imposing scope and scale of the city's many towering structures of glass and steel. The way they make one feel small and insignificant as you pass below is frightening and awe-inspiring, both. Even some of the old brownstones and other buildings with a European charm and flair appear so large as to make you feel a flea. Frightening-fantastic architecture. That's New York to me, in a proverbial nutshell. I don't think I could ever tire of gawking at the buildings and snapping my impressions.

Well, that's about it. I came, I saw, I snapped. I got a lot of sun and had a lot of fun. I hope to repeat the experience again, many times, in the years ahead. Thanks again to Alexis and Fatimah both, and happy 35 ladies! Glad we got to spend a few too short days together in this milestone year. Cheers.

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